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Furniture-Style Vanities Complement the Home

The pandemic’s effect on home design is evident in many areas of the home, but none more so than the bath. While baths were trending smaller and more streamlined pre-pandemic, the time spent at home has resulted in the desire for the bath to be a wellness sanctuary, with the now-desired larger space complementing the overall design of the rest of the home.

With regard to bath vanities, this has meant a renewed interest in furniture-style pieces with clever storage and matching linen cabinets and mirrors. Styles from updated traditional to mid-century modern to Japandi are trending, with wood finishes and bolder colors gaining ground on whites and painted neutrals.

Larger spaces are also having an effect on vanity size and amenities. Longer, narrower vanities are garnering interest, as are wall-mount versions that lend themselves to making a space feel larger and less cluttered.

Following are some of the specific trends currently being seen in bath vanities:

–Vanities from 48” to 72” are most popular right now, with customized storage to accommodate personal items in demand.

–Clean lines and unfussy detailing are desired, but there is a softness in the edges that keeps the style from being stark and contemporary, allowing the pieces to blend with the rest of the home.

–Closed storage is still preferred to keep small bath appliances and toiletries out of sight, though open shelving is gaining some ground.

–Though furniture styles are front and center, modular design is also gaining attention, as consumers look to arrange pieces to fit their spaces and their lifestyles.

–Retro styles, rustic finishes, modern farmhouse and historic European aesthetics are all influencing current styles in vanities and in the bath overall, sometimes with two styles used in combination.

–Wood finishes are of particular interest, as are painted finishes that shy away from neutral tones in favor of earthy tones, dusty pastels and blacks.

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