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A DIY Guide to Planning Your Kitchen Remodeling

If sleek, streamlined lines, sleek symmetry, and smooth, almost natural textures appeal to you, your dream kitchen may be an ultra-modern kitchen. If you like elegance are presented in subtle yet understated ways, it’s the perfect style for you. This design combines a clean, modern look with plenty of storage options. Many people choose this particular design for their dream kitchen because they don’t want to compromise the look of their existing kitchen or feel that they can’t add too much to the room. When you design an ultra-modern kitchen, you’ll have the option to add almost anything you want: appliances, cabinets, sinks, tiles, countertops, and more.

dream kitchen


There are two kinds of cabinets you can choose from today’s kitchens: those with doors and those without. If you’re looking to create a truly modern dream kitchen with as few components as possible, it’s best to build around your cabinets and their doorless counterparts. These cabinets work well with stainless steel, granite, copper, and wood. They come in various styles to match any style of kitchen: classic, country, contemporary, eclectic, or modern, to name a few.


Drawer units are another part of your dream kitchen that you can play with to create the design of your choice. There are single-drawer units, double-drawer units, and triple-drawer units. If you like having more storage than you have room for in the kitchen, consider purchasing a combination of cabinet styles.


The pantry, or lower level of the kitchen, can play a key role in your dream kitchen. It would help if you had plenty of room for food storage to make kitchen operations run smoothly. Therefore, installing high-quality cabinetry in your pantry will allow you to maximize space while providing you with the ability to keep your food separate from other things. Pantries can also be used for baking, as many do not have cabinets. Consider installing a sink and refrigerator into your pantry to have additional space for baking and storing things like loaves of bread, meats, and baking ingredients.


Another important feature to include in your dream kitchen remodel is the island. An island is a countertop between the stove and the countertop, providing you with additional counter space. Many appliances like the dishwasher can fit onto an island, saving you valuable counter space. Some appliances that you might consider placing on an island include microwaves, blenders, mixers, refrigerators, and more. Consider including at least one island in your kitchen remodel.


Last but certainly not least, look for storage solutions for all of your appliances. If you’re looking for ways to save space, consider purchasing under-counter cabinets or shelf-mounted cabinets. Both of these options provide you with more storage space than your standard kitchen cabinets. Consider putting storage solutions into your dream kitchen remodel to make room for all of the new utensils and cooking tools you will purchase along the way. You may also want to include built-in cabinets if you can afford them upfront.


Other places where you can make additions to your dream kitchen include your cabinets and closets. Adding doors and drawers to your cabinets will allow you to add more storage and utility to your kitchen. Similarly, adding a walk-in pantry or utility room to your house can allow you to create additional workspaces for cooking and preparing food. And, if your home was built before 2021, you may be able to add built-in cabinets and utility rooms without building them or remodeling them at all.


The final thing you need to consider in your dream kitchen renovation is whether or not you should invest in a gas stove or a steam-convection oven. Both cooking techniques have their pros and cons, but some argue that steam-convection ovens produce the best flavor and aroma. In the end, you should choose what makes you happy, and that’s ultimately what matters. But either way, choose a gas or steam-convection stove with deep drawers and plenty of space so that you can store everything you’ll need to prepare meals for your family.