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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets – Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to when to clean your kitchen cabinets, the answer is as simple – any time is the right time to begin.

When it comes to how to clean your kitchen cabinets, the answer is a more complex composition.

The techniques and products you’ll want to use will depend on what your cabinets are made from.

How to Clean Wood Cabinets – Alkaline or Acidic Cleaning Products?

The difference between alkaline and acidic is the difference in a material’s (or a chemical’s) pH balance. Any material or chemical with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic, while a material or chemical higher than 7 is considered alkaline. Dish soap is considered neutral with a pH ranging between 7 and 8.

Wood has a natural pH that ranges between 4 and 6, making it slightly acidic. However, wood also consists of many organic compounds. And those compounds differ from species to species, from tree to tree, and even from heartwood (the outer part of a log) to sapwood (the inner part).

Any alkaline or acidic cleaner you use on wood will create a chemical reaction. And because of the wood’s natural variation in pH, that reaction will likely be unpredictable (but rarely positive).

High alkaline cleaners such as ammonia, baking powder, or sodium hydroxide tend to leave dark stains on the wood (iron tannate discoloration). While acidic cleaners such as vinegar, lemon juice or tub and tile cleaners are corrosive and will damage wood cabinets, whether finished or not.

Use pH Neutral Cleaners

You want to ensure that any cleaning product you use on wood has a pH balance between 6 and 8. Water (with a pH of 7) and dish soap (with a pH between 7 and 8) are always good options.

The best cleaner, the one that is less likely to do damage to the wood is good old-fashioned elbow grease. Applied with a damp cloth, elbow grease should be effective at removing dirt and dust and even oil and grease build-up.

The Do’s and Don’ts on Cabinet Cleaners


  • Use a pH neutral cleaner (such as mild dish soap and water)
  • Remember to wipe dry any excess moisture from cleaning


  • Use vinegar, lemon juice, or other acidic cleaning products
  • Soak the cabinets or use excessive amounts of water
  • Use hot air, such as a hairdryer, to dry the wood

Home Remedies You Should Avoid

Unfortunately, the internet is laden with articles espousing the benefits of one home remedy or the other to use when cleaning kitchen cabinets as an alternative to cleaning products. These remedies, for the most part, have been debunked and proven to not only be ineffective but can actually damage your cabinets. Nevertheless, these home remedy tips persist.

Don’t Use Vinegar and Water

Vinegar is acidic and will damage your wood cabinets. While it is true that if heavily diluted, vinegar will lose much of its acidity, but when diluted it will also lose much of its properties that make it an effective cleaner. Diluted vinegar is no more effective than dish soap. And if not diluted enough, you will risk causing permanent damage to your wood cabinets.

Diluted vinegar can be an effective cleaning agent when used on metal surfaces such as ovens, microwaves, tea kettles, and pots and pans. However, it should not be used on wood.

Don’t Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is an alkaline compound with a pH level between 8 and 9. It is corrosive to wood and should only be used on surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain, e.g., bathroom tiles, bathtubs, and toilet bowls.

Like vinegar, when diluted, baking soda loses much of its corrosive characteristics. But it will still be too corrosive for wood and not more effective than elbow grease and dish soap.

Don’t Use Olive Oil

When it comes to made-up home remedies, olive oil always seems to make the list. As a cleaning agent, olive oil is not at all effective. It is a non-drying oil, meaning that it will leave behind a film that is likely to attract dust and dirt, making your cabinets even more difficult to clean down the road.

Some purport that olive oil will replenish wood and give it a nice shine. There is no evidence to suggest that olive oil has any replenishing characteristics. And the shine is the result of oil residue, which will invariably spoil over time and emit an unpleasant odor.

The Importance of Rinsing and Drying

If you use any kind of cleaning agent (even dish soap), you will need to wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. Any residue left behind could potentially create an unsightly film or could create a chemical reaction with the wood that could potentially result in a loss or change in color.

Once the wood has been rinsed clean of any cleaning agent, you will want to make sure that the surface is thoroughly dried. The presence of water on an organic surface such as wood can quickly become an attractive breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Furthermore, water can cause the wood to expand, leading to deformation, splintering and cracking. Make sure that once you’ve finished cleaning, you wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

Do not use hot air to dry your wood kitchen cabinets. This will dry the wood far more than needed and will potentially lead to the wood fibers shrinking, resulting in cracks and splinters.

How to Clean Laminate Cabinets

Laminate cabinets are easier to clean than wood cabinets. However, it is also easier for grease and food deposits to dirty a laminate cabinet, too. Therefore, while laminate cabinets may be easier to clean than their wood counterparts, they may be in need of more frequent, albeit quick, attention.

Frequent Dusting

Dust tends to stick to all surfaces – especially laminate cabinets. To remove dust build-up, use a lint-free cloth or duster and work from the top down. Don’t forget the corners, which are especially good at collecting dust.

Clean With Mild Dish Soap

Like with wood cabinets, you shouldn’t need to resort to abrasive cleaning products like vinegar or baking soda to remove dirt and grease from your laminate kitchen cabinets. A bit of dish soap in warm water applied with a good dose of elbow grease should be more than sufficient.

Don’t forget to clean the handles and hinges.

Rinse and Dry

Once you’ve finished cleaning with detergent, rinse the surfaces with a clean cloth and warm water. Warm water evaporates far more quickly than cold or room-temperature water. And the less time your cabinets are exposed to water, the better.

Immediately after you’ve rinsed any detergent or cleaning agent off your cabinets, you’ll want to wipe them down with a dry cloth. Laminate surfaces that are exposed to water over long periods of time tend to warp and crack.

Avoid Using Vinegar or Baking Soda

Contrary to many articles circulating on the web, white vinegar and baking soda are poor cleaning agents for kitchen cabinets, wood or laminate. White vinegar is effective at cleaning soap build-up and mineral deposits, which are highly unlikely to be a problem in kitchen cabinets. But white vinegar and baking soda are abrasive and are more likely to do more harm than good.

Baking soda binds to the surface and, if not thoroughly rinsed and wiped clean, will leave a pale white film behind, dulling any shine your cabinets might otherwise have provided.

Avoid Abrasive Scouring Tools

Tools such as scouring pads, steel wool, or wire-bristled brushes are best used on metal surfaces like kitchenware – pots and pans. When used to clean a smooth surface – wood or laminate – they will invariably leave behind scratches.

Laminate cabinets are best cleaned with a damp soft or micro-fiber cloth.

When Elbow Grease and Mild Dish Soap Aren’t Enough

For grease, oil, or food stains that have been left unattended for extended periods of time, simple elbow grease and mild dish soap may not be enough to get rid of them. You will have to move on to more aggressive cleaning products.

Only use more aggressive cleaning products after you’ve exhausted the option of elbow grease and dish soap. Aggressive cleaning products are likely to cause some amount of damage to your cabinets. And the chances of causing damage only increase with repeated use.

If you find you need to use a more aggressive cleaning product, start with a slightly more aggressive one at first and work your way up as needed. The ideal pH of the cleaning product you’ll want to use falls in the range of 6 to 8. Anything higher or lower should only be employed if all the other options have been exhausted.

For stubborn grease stains, many homeowners recommend diluting white vinegar. While this can be effective, it can also be harmful to your laminate surface. If you’ve exhausted all other options and decide to go this route, start by heavily diluting the vinegar and only decrease the dilution if needed.

When using aggressive cleaning agents, you’ll need to pay extra attention to rinsing them from your cabinet surfaces. And don’t forget to dry with a clean, lint-free cloth.

When Cleaning Isn’t Enough

You’ve exhausted your supply of elbow grease. You’ve even experimented with more aggressive cleaners like white vinegar or powerful commercial cleaning products. And yet, your cabinets still appear dull, dirty or simply unsightly.

All hope is not lost, there are still steps you can take to give your old kitchen a new, clean look. And the steps aren’t necessarily complicated or overly costly.

Cabinet Refacing

You can keep your existing cabinet boxes and maintain the familiar layout of your kitchen while making it look brand new. With cabinet refacing, you can create a “new kitchen” look without the “new kitchen” price tag.

Cabinet refacing involves removing the existing doors and drawer fronts and replacing with new ones. The existing cabinet boxes are prepped and a veneer, or new skin, is applied to the outward facing portions of the boxes to match the new doors and drawer fronts.

Cabinet Refacing – DIY or Hire a Professional?

Cabinet refacing, when done right, requires a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive knowledge of the appropriate tools and materials. Additionally, many of the tools required can be expensive and, when not used correctly, can be damaging to both yourself and to your cabinets.

Even those experienced with woodworking could benefit from hiring a professional – professional cabinet remodelers who have access to the best tools, knowledge of measurements and access to the best products.

For those who are not experienced with woodworking, doing a cabinet refacing job yourself is definitely not recommended. The necessary tools require special skill and know-how to be used effectively and safely.

Most cabinet refacing jobs can be done in as little as two days (up to four for a particularly large kitchen).

You can request a free quote from Kitchen Tune-Up for your cabinet refacing project.

Our Exclusive 1 Day Tune-Up

Sometimes, even if your kitchen cabinets are clean, they still don’t have that fresh, vibrant look you want from them. Applying wax or polishing agents doesn’t seem to do the trick, either – if anything, it only serves to highlight the problem.

For these cases, Kitchen Tune-Up has the perfect solution in our unique, comprehensive proprietary wood reconditioning process we call a Tune-Up.

We separate then remove the build-up of grease, wax, smoke, and dust. We touch up and blend areas where the color may have dulled or faded, then apply a special colorant to revitalize. We finish by treating the cabinets with a special penetrating oil that restores dried-out wood fibers and then apply a fresh coat of finish.

The Tune-Up generally takes one day to complete. Request a free quote online today to see how we can revitalize your kitchen cabinets and give them a new lease of life!

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How Cabinet Refacing Can Transform Your Kitchen

Your kitchen cabinets need refreshing. Maybe they’re scuffed or stained. Maybe you’re just plain tired of the color or finish. But you’re reluctant to yank out all those cabinets, rip up the walls, and start from scratch–that’s expensive and could put your whole kitchen out of commission!

Kitchen Tune-Up’s cabinet refacing service can transform your kitchen without the mess, fuss and expense of a remodeling job. You get the beauty and benefits of new-looking cabinets in just days, not weeks. How do you decide if cabinet refacing is right for you? Check out this primer to learn how refacing works.


What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinet doors and drawers tend to wear out faster than cabinet frames. In cabinet refacing, we remove doors and drawers but keep the kitchen cabinets’ existing frames (or “boxes”) in place. We cover the boxes with a new veneer of wood or laminate. Then we install new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. The cabinets appear completely new–and the doors and drawer fronts are new, with the original boxes veneered specifically to match them.

Here’s what refacing isn’t: It isn’t painting existing cabinets. It isn’t refinishing the wood on existing wood cabinets. Don’t get us wrong–for many kitchens, painting cabinets or revitalizing wood with Kitchen Tune-Up’s wood refurbishment process are ideal choices! But if refacing with veneers and new doors is right for your kitchen, we’ve got the expertise and a fantastic selection of materials to make your cabinets look like new.



Is Refacing or Renovating the Right Option? 

Ask yourself these questions to decide if refacing is the best option for your particular kitchen.

Do I crave a fresher look, but don’t want to pay big bucks for a full remodel? HomeAdvisor says refacing is 30 percent to 50 percent less expensive than kitchen cabinet remodeling. That gives refacing the cost advantage, if you mostly want to alter the kitchen’s appearance and not change its functionality or footprint.

Do I like my kitchen’s current layout? If your familiar layout works efficiently, there’s no need to tear out cabinets for a full remodeling job. Refacing keeps the layout while upgrading the look.

Are the cabinet boxes in good shape? We’ll inspect your cabinets and tell you if the boxes have damage or other issues that mean replacement, instead of refacing, is your best choice. If the boxes are sturdy, refacing likely is an option.

Would I like to keep using my kitchen normally while it’s getting upgraded? Refacing doesn’t require demolition and doesn’t move appliances around, so you can keep using your kitchen while we’re on the job. Our refacing service usually takes only two to four days. We clean the area every day before we leave, so you have a usable kitchen during the refacing process!

Do I plan to stay in this house for a while? If you’re looking at moving within just a few years, painting might be an option for your kitchen cabinets. But if you aim to use these cabinets for years to come, then refacing gives you incredibly durable cabinets for the long term.


Refacing, Step by Step 

What will you experience if you choose refacing?

Choose your beautiful new doors and drawers. Browse our huge collection of kitchen cabinet door styles. Talk to your Kitchen Tune-Up expert about the styles that work best on your cabinet boxes. Our door catalog has options galore, in styles, sizes, finishes and colors to perk up any space. Kitchen Tune-Up also features exclusive door designs created just for our customers, giving you unique choices you won’t get elsewhere. As an established home improvement company that does business nationwide, Kitchen Tune-Up gets favorable pricing from cabinet manufacturers. We pass that savings along to you.

Consider whether you want to add some new cabinets, a kitchen island, or more drawers instead of cabinets. With Kitchen Tune-Up’s Refacing Plus option, you can add these changes at the same time we’re doing the refacing.

Say goodbye to your old cabinet doors and drawers. The next time you see the drawers, they’ll have new fronts that match your new cabinet doors.

We veneer the boxes. Using wood or rigid thermofoil (RTF) veneer, we cover the fronts and sides of your cabinet boxes. RTF is a melamine product known for toughness and versatility–RTF comes in colors and patterns to match a host of design schemes.

Your new doors and drawers arrive. We install new hinges, if needed, then hang your new cabinet doors and install the drawers. To complete the fresh look, add new door handles and drawer pulls.

Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

Yes. Handy homeowners can replace doors and drawer fronts and even attach veneers to cabinet boxes themselves. Measuring precisely and choosing materials carefully are key. You’ll need to source your drawer fronts and doors and a matching veneer, plus the adhesives and tools to attach the veneer. Don’t forget hinges and hardware.

While doing it yourself is possible, if you’re looking to refresh your cabinets, consider letting your nearest Kitchen Tune-Up team do it for you. Ask about our refacing service today and compare it to the time you’d spend on DIY refacing.

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Kitchen Upgrade – What Should I Consider When Planning A Major Kitchen Remodel?

If you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation then it’s a good idea to sit down and take stock of your needs. The most important factor will be the number of people in your household. Will this project be done by a contractor or by yourself? If you want to save money then consider doing the project yourself. However, before starting any kitchen renovation project you should ensure you have the correct plans and tools with kitchen remodeling.

kitchen upgrade

Popular kitchen upgrade choices include faucets, backsplash options, countertops, sinks, flooring, and lighting fixtures. A minor kitchen remodeling project is defined as changes that only change minor aspects of the room such as a cabinet color or material. Major kitchen remodeling projects involve extensive renovations of the entire space including flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring. For these projects, it would be wise to enlist the help of a professional kitchen designer. These experts are skilled in planning remodeling projects and they can help you find the right materials, appliances, and kitchen design at an average cost.

When you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, the first thing you should do is assess your current situation. Do you need minor kitchen remodeling to make your cooking area more functional or do you need a total kitchen to remodel to change the layout and create new functionality? When you assess the situation you should think about what factors may contribute to you having to remodel. For example, if you have old cabinets and flooring that is in need of replacement then replacing them with new ones may not be a minor kitchen remodel. On the other hand, if your kitchen currently doesn’t have sufficient cabinet space then installing new cabinets can be a great way to improve your storage options.

In general, there are many benefits to a kitchen renovation project. One of the biggest benefits is that you’ll likely increase the value of your home since most buyers look for homes that have extra room and are designed well. Another benefit is that you’ll be able to update the appearance of your kitchen and if done correctly, your home will appear as though you’ve spent a lot of money updating it. There are many homeowners who have made improvements to their homes using this method including adding tile floors and painting the walls in order to give the room a new color. Kitchen renovations also add style and can make kitchens appear larger and more appealing than they really are.

One of the largest drawbacks of doing a complete kitchen remodel or upgrading is the risks involved. One of the major risks is that there may be a leak or other type of water damage in your house. Leaks are one of the most common reasons why minor kitchen remodeling projects go wrong. If the plumbing work is not done properly it can lead to flooding. Minor kitchen remodeling jobs may not pose a huge risk to your home but major kitchen remodeling jobs pose a great deal of risk to your home.

There are some things to consider when considering whether a minor kitchen remodel is worth the time and expense. The first thing to do is measure your kitchen space very carefully. You should make sure that you have enough space for the size of the new appliances that you are going to install, the size of any refrigerators or ovens you are going to install and any other appliances that you may need. This includes installing any walk-in cabinets or pantries you may need. It will also include any new flooring, tiles or tiling, and electrical work.

Minor kitchen remodeling jobs are usually best handled by those who have at least some experience with remodeling kitchens. A major kitchen remodel is usually best handled by a contractor who has at least some experience with remodeling kitchens and who is familiar with all of the dangers involved. Any time you’re planning to have any type of major remodeling done, you should get a contract written and signed by both you and your remodeling contractor. This is usually best if there is something that you or your contractor may have overlooked.

One of the most common things that people overlook is the flooring and tiling in their kitchens. It’s unfortunate but many people don’t realize how important the proper flooring and tiling is to the overall appearance of their kitchen. Kitchen flooring is usually the most visible component and it’s important that the flooring and tiling match the rest of the appliances and fixtures as well as look good together. This is especially true of smaller kitchens where a lot of the appliances and fixtures are likely to be placed on the same flooring.

How Kitchen Tune-Up Can Help You Update Your Kitchen

Creating your dream kitchen doesn’t have to mean turning your home’s busiest space into a construction zone for weeks! At Kitchen Tune-Up, we partner with you to choose your best option for rejuvenating a kitchen quickly. Take a look at our services–you’re sure to find the right one for your needs.



The Original Tune-Up

Our Original Tune-Up re-conditions dull, grimy wood cabinets so they look as good as new. We remove grease, dirt, wax and smoke. We touch up faded colors, then finish with our special oil to restore dried-out wood. Most Tune-Ups are done in a day–meaning you get your kitchen back to work quickly!



Cabinet Redooring

If your cabinet boxes are in good condition and you like their shape and size, cabinet redooring is a great option. Browse our door catalog and pick new doors and drawer fronts to match your cabinets’ current box. We can change the handles, pulls and hinges to upgrade to a like-new appearance. This economical choice can save you up to 75 percent of the cost of new cabinets.



Cabinet Painting

You like your cabinet style but you’re tired of the finish or color. You could paint them yourself, but it’s time-consuming. Let our efficient cabinet painting service handle it. We remove doors and drawers and whisk them away for cleaning, priming and painting. We prime and paint the boxes and frames or apply new, matching panels, then reinstall the doors. We can change the hardware for a completely refreshed look.



Cabinet Refacing

We change your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and add a matching veneer over the existing boxes with our cabinet refacing service. What if you want additional cabinets, more drawers or a kitchen island? We can do all that and more. Just ask about our Refacing Plus option.



Custom Cabinets

Maybe the layout is awkward, or you need more storage, or you crave a beautiful remodel of an outdated kitchen; Kitchen Tune-Up’s custom cabinetry service may be for you. We’ll work with you to design your dream kitchen and produce designs uniquely tailored for your space. Because we’re an established, nationwide company, we get great pricing from manufacturers, and we pass those savings along to you.



Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen Tune-Up can improve your storage options with roll-out trays, roll-out waste and recycling containers, drawer organizers, spice racks and lazy Susans. We tuck them inside cabinets for tidy storage with easy access. We’ve also got full-extension drawer slides to give you access to every inch of your drawer space.

From the simplest Original Tune-Up to full remodels, Kitchen Tune-Up will help you make kitchen dreams come true. Reach out to your local Kitchen Tune-Up location today!

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Kitchen Tune-Up Announces March Project of the Month Winners

With flair and creativity, Kitchen Tune-Up teams across the country are transforming kitchens from boring to brilliant. Take a look at these projects that stood out as winning examples in March!



Paul and Kathryn Jost

Kitchen Tune-Up Denver, CO

Once-popular cherry cabinetry tends to make kitchens seem dark–which makes them look smaller. This client’s kitchen gained light and a feeling of spaciousness thanks to simple refacing. Kitchen Tune-Up Denver, CO  replaced the cherry raised panel doors with Shaker doors in an exquisite, subtle shade dubbed cappuccino froth. Don’t miss the addition of pretty, glass-paneled display cabinets near the ceiling.



Andy Thompson, Bobby and Ashley Kuhns

Kitchen Tune-Up Green Bay, WI

The team at Kitchen Tune-Up Green Bay helped this client improve this kitchen by enriching some elements already in place. This kitchen already had a beautiful backsplash with plenty of pattern and variety, but the outdated and busy-looking wood grain on the existing oak cabinets was just too much. The client chose to reface the doors with Kitchen Tune-Up’s exclusive HaglundRidge door in cloud, and a contrasting color, midnight, on the island. Now that terrific backsplash stands out!



Adam and Rachel Phillips

Kitchen Tune-Up Wichita, KS

What a stunning transformation–yes, it’s the same kitchen, but with an elegant makeover from ceiling to floor executed by the team at Kitchen Tune-Up Wichita, KS. This winner in the new cabinets category replaces the original white-painted panel doors with all-new recessed panel cabinets, elegant Cambria countertops, a dramatic glass backsplash in vivid teal, and a dark charcoal island. Sculptural pendant lamps, a sparkling new faucet and a gorgeous range complete the look.



Michael and Deanna Stratton

Kitchen Tune-Up Berks Lehigh SW 

This winning project shows off how much refacing can change a kitchen’s look! The client wanted the original oak stained cabinets upgraded for a more modern vibe and chose highly popular, versatile, maple Shaker style doors in white. Check out the updated countertops and a useful, new counter on top of what was a dividing wall. A great transformation from the Kitchen Tune-Up Berks Lehigh SW squad!



Paulo and Karin Motoki

Kitchen Tune-Up Miami-Coral Gables, FL

The winner in the Refacing Plus category, Paulo and Karin Motoki of Kitchen Tune-Up Miami Coral Gables, FL, took this kitchen from dated and drab to contemporary and fab. The existing, raised panel doors were out of style and darkened the space, too, so the clients opted for sleek slab-style doors with no visible hinges and slim, minimalist door and drawer pulls. The light gray color is both trendy and timeless, coordinates well with the original countertops, and will look great for years to come.



Greg and Jill Mirise

Kitchen Tune-Up Avon, IN

This bathroom vanity, in the client’s pool house, suffered extensive water damage. Time to call in a classic Original Tune-Up, Kitchen Tune-Up’s signature service for restoring and rejuvenating damaged cabinets! In just one day, Kitchen Tune-Up Avon, IN brought the the wood’s natural luster and shine back.



Joe and Amanda Boyd

Kitchen Tune-Up Houston Sugar Land

Joe and Amanda Boyd’s clients wanted their dark oak cabinets painted, but the wood had a heavy grain. Kitchen Tune-Up Houston Sugar Land, to the rescue! A grain minimizing solution covered up the grain, then the cool alabaster covered the wood beautifully, making the whole kitchen lighter. For contrast, the island gets a coat of a delicious shade called “sweet molasses.” Everything complements the existing countertops and backsplash!

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Kitchen Tune-Up Jackson, MS Earns National Customer Service Award


Congratulations to Carlos Lloyd for winning the Customer Service Award! Since joining the franchise system in 2019, Carlos and his team at Kitchen Tune-Up Jackson, MS, consistently adhere to the system’s Trustpoints!

What their customers have to say:

“Loved my experience with Carlos!  He was amazing to work with and will be recommending him!”

Hannah C. – Brandon, MS


“Is there a rating better than excellent?  Carlos did amazing work!  He as so professional, his communication and workmanship left nothing be desired!  I love my new kitchen!”

Jennifer H. – Brandon, MS


“Great work!  Very professional!”

Pat C. – Jackson, MS


To learn more about Kitchen Tune-Up and the five ways to update your kitchen, click here.

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‘Strong’ Growth Foreseen for Remodeling Through 2022

CAMBRIDGE, MA “Strong growth” in home improvement and maintenance expenditures is expected to continue over the coming year, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) by the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

The LIRA projects year-over-year gains in annual improvement and repair spending will reach 9% in the fourth quarter of this year and maintain that pace into 2022.

“Residential remodeling continues to benefit from a strong housing market with elevated home construction and sales activity and immense house price appreciation in markets across the country,” said Carlos Martín, project director of the Remodeling Futures Program at the Cambridge, MA-based Joint Center. “The rapid expansion of owners’ equity is likely to fuel demand for more and larger remodeling projects into next year.”

“With these tailwinds, annual improvement and repair expenditures by homeowners could reach $400 billion by the third quarter of 2022,” added Abbe Will, associate project director of the Remodeling Futures Program. Will warned, however, that “several headwinds,” including the rising costs of labor and building materials, as well as increasing interest rates, “could still taper the expected growth in remodeling spending.”

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Ferguson Partners on Career Training Program

NEWPORT NEWS, VA — Ferguson, LLC, the Newport News, VA-based distributor of plumbing supplies and related products, has partnered with a leading organization in an effort to “rebuild” the skilled trade pipeline, the company announced.

Ferguson and Explore The Trades, a nonprofit organization whose aim is to recruit individuals to the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical trades, has unveiled a partnership to “introduce the skilled trades to a new generation,” Ferguson officials said.

“Our country urgently needs the next generation of plumbers and HVAC technicians to build and maintain our aging infrastructure,” corporate officials observed. “However, lack of investments in education, training and the skilled trades over the last 30 years created a labor shortage, driven by an exit of baby boomer retirees.

Ferguson and Explore the Trades have partnered to create “Explore The Trades Skills Lab Built by Ferguson” – a program that “will provide support to career and technical education high schools across the U.S., as they establish new plumbing and HVAC career pathways,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson committed $300,000 to the partnership and will assist primarily with products and tools for teaching and training, while Explore The Trades will tap into its network of contractors to serve as advisors for aspiring plumbers and HVAC technicians, program organizers said.

“Teaming up with Explore The Trades and its extensive network of experienced contractors is the success factor in this program,” said Melissa Hazelwood, Ferguson’s senior manager of sustainability. “We are excited about educating young people and encouraging them to embrace the artistry and ingenuity that comes from engaging their minds with their hands to build, craft and construct the future.”


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NAHB Urges Action on Supply Chain Bottlenecks, Tariffs

WASHINGTON, DC The National Association of Home Builders has renewed its calls on Congress and the Biden administration to help ease building material supply chain bottlenecks that are stunting housing affordability by eliminating trade barriers and seeking solutions to port congestion and major delays in truck and rail transportation.
Testifying before the House Small Business Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Regulations, NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke this week told government lawmakers that disruptions in the building materials supply chain that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic are having “a disproportionate” impact on smaller homebuilding firms.
“Without large economies of scale, small businesses generally cannot negotiate bulk discounts on lumber and other key building materials,” said Fowke. “The effects of this uncertainty trickle all the way to the (prospective) homebuyer, many of whom have balked at projects due to unexpected price increases.”
According to the Washington, DC-based NAHB, historically high lumber and building materials prices continue to serve as “headwinds” for the U.S. housing sector, significantly impeding housing affordability.

“From steel mill products and plastic piping to cooper pipe and wood windows and doors, prices are up dramatically year-to-date and are exacerbating the growing housing affordability crisis,” Fowke said, suggesting that the Biden administration address two fundamental problems.
“On the trade front, until a long-term solution can be reached, Congress and the administration should temporarily suspend duties on a wide array of imported building materials and goods, from Canadian softwood lumber to Chinese steel and aluminum,” said Fowke. “In addition, policymakers must continue to aggressively explore solutions to ease building material supply chain disruptions that are causing project delays and putting upward pressure on home prices.”

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KBIS, IBS Health & Safety Guidelines Updated

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ A revised set of health and safety protocols, including COVID-19 vaccination requirements and/or proof of a negative coronavirus test result, have been issued for the 2022 Design & Construction Week (DCW), the annual three-day event that encompasses the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the International Builders’ Show (IBS).

The National Kitchen & Bath Association, which owns KBIS, and the National Association of Home Builders, owner of IBS, this week released the revised protocols for DCW, set for Feb. 8-10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. The guidelines, effective as of Oct. 11, apply to all attendee and exhibitor registrants for both KBIS and IBS, and are subject to revision, event sponsors noted.

“The safety and wellbeing of our attendees, partners, exhibitors, site workers and staff remains our top priority, said DCW organizers, adding that they are “working with our vendors, partners and the Orange County Convention Center to…deliver a safe and productive environment in which to conduct business.”

“As we get closer to returning to an in-person event, we continue to update our health and safety policies based upon current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state of Florida and local Orlando health authorities, event organizers added. “We will continue to monitor their recommendations and will update relevant information as needed.”

Among the following health and safety protocols to be adhered to are the following:

n All registered attendees and exhibitors will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within five days of attending the show. Two types of negative tests are acceptable: polymerase chain reaction, referred to as “PCR” (also called diagnostic or molecular), or rapid antigen test (also referred to as a “rapid test”).

n Any one of the following will be accepted for entry (when accompanied by a valid government issued photo ID): electronic proof of a negative test result through a show-management approved app, or a printed or digital copy of negative COVID-19 test results, written in English, that indicates the type of test administered and includes the name of the person in question and the date the test was administered. Per CDC guidelines, negative COVID-19 test results are valid for five days, meaning that the negative test must have been completed no earlier than Sunday, Feb. 6, 2022, in order to be accepted for entry for all three show days. If an individual is unable or unwilling to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination prior to entry will suffice.

n Show attendees, exhibitors and others will be required to wear a face mask regardless of vaccination status when riding on an official show hotel shuttle and when indoors at the OCCC from move-in through move-out and at other show related venues.

n U.S. domestic residents will be considered fully vaccinated if they have completed two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. International travelers who have completed full regimens of vaccines approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization (WHO) will be considered fully vaccinated.

Show management said it is “continuously monitoring guidance from the CDC and state/local health authorities” and reserves the right to adjust the shows’ health & safety protocols “as relevant recommendations and tradeshow industry standards evolve.”

“Guidance related to large gatherings relative to COVID-19 and associated variants continues to change,” DCW organizers said. “What will remain constant is the commitment of the NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) and NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and to the health and safety of attendees, exhibitors, partners and staff at our shows.”

Additional details regarding the health and safety Policies for Design and Construction Week can be found at: http://www.designandconstructionweek.com/healthsafety.html.


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