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Pendant Power

Often referred to as the jewelry of the space, accent lighting can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and function of a kitchen. While task lighting is vital to illuminating tasks, and ambient lighting sets the tone for the day or night, pendants can light the task, set the tone and add the finishing touch to the overall design.

Today’s pendants come in all types of styles, finishes and colors, adding that contemporary edge to take the modern kitchen to the next level, or delivering that industrial vibe to enhance the overall aesthetic. Whether they are single or multiple bulb, round or elongated, elegant or rustic, pendant lights demand attention in today’s rooms.

Following are just a few of the trends in lighting and pendants:

–LEDs are becoming a must, delivering long-lasting life, convenience and cool or warm tones in the space.

–Glass pendants remain popular, though their design is being elevated to include not only colorful combinations, but interesting shapes and techniques such as crackling and seeding.

–Modern, sculptural designs are now more available and more intricate than ever, thanks to the popularity of LEDs and strips, which can be manipulated into a range of shapes.

–Natural elements are becoming a mainstay in lighting, in keeping with the trend to earthy tones and sustainable pieces.

–The outdoor kitchen isn’t being ignored in this category, as many of the latest fixtures are UL listed for use indoors and out to bring high design outside.

–Metal finishes of all types – including powder-coated white and matte black – are being incorporated, providing a dramatic contrast to other fixture elements.

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