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U.S. Finds Evasion of AD/CVD Duties On Chinese Quartz Imports

LE SUEUR, MN — U.S. Customs and Border Protection has determined in a preliminary finding that two Chinese importers of quartz surfaces have allegedly evaded antidumping and countervailing duties imposed by U.S. trade officials, according to Cambria Company LLC.

The Le Sueur, MN-based Cambria, the leading domestic supplier of quartz surfaces, said that the pair of importers were found in violation of trade sanctions by misclassifying the products in question as “crushed glass,” which is outside the scope of the AD/CVD orders. U.S. Customs now has seven months to continue its investigation and determine appropriate penalties.

“This announcement by U.S. Customs confirms that there are U.S. importers who are falsely claiming that their quartz surfaces are not covered by the AD/CVD orders because they are “crushed glass” surfaces,” said Marty Davis, president and CEO of Cambria. “By making these false claims, unscrupulous importers continue to import Chinese merchandise without paying the applicable AD/CVD duties.”

Other importers evade the AD/CVD duties, Davis charged, through trans-
shipment of Chinese merchandise through third countries before entering the U.S. without payment of the duties.

“The industry should now know that U.S. Customs and Cambria are fully aware of the ways that importers are undermining the AD/CVD duties that were imposed to stop illegal trade violating U.S. trade law and level the playing field for American companies like Cambria,” Davis said.

“Additional research by Cambria has revealed that a significant portion of the merchandise being imported from China as ‘crushed glass’ surfaces is actually covered by the scope of the AD/CVD orders,” Davis said, vowing that Cambria “continues to work with U.S. Customs to identify and hold responsible any foreign exporters and U.S. importers that are evading the AD/CVD duties through this or any other evasion scheme.”

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