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Hardwood Flooring Services

Hardwood floors are a great choice for homeowners because they’re durable, hypoallergenic, and add value to your home. They’re also more affordable than other flooring options.Hardwood Flooring

Whether you’re looking to install hardwood or need your old floors repaired, there’s a top pro near you ready to help. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from local flooring services today!

Hardwood flooring installation is a complex process that requires a great deal of skill and precision. It can take several days for a professional to complete a hardwood floor project, depending on the size of the room and the type of wood used.

The installation of a new hardwood floor should be part of your home improvement plan whenever you are remodeling a space. Whether it’s a small bedroom or a large living room, hardwood floors can add a touch of elegance to your home.

When choosing a wood species for your flooring, it is important to consider the natural characteristics of that species. This will help you choose the perfect look for your home.

For example, oak hardwood flooring is eye-catching with a lot of variation in grain patterns. while maple floors are more refined, with finer and straighter graining.

Additionally, the color of the wood can also affect how the floor looks. It can have a subtle shade of color or be a vibrant, bold color.

Character: As the wood ages and takes on a natural patina, it will become more unique. This will come with a small amount of fading and darkening, which is normal and expected to happen with any natural material.

While there are a few different ways to install a hardwood floor, the most popular method is by nailing it down. This method is best suited for those who have some experience installing hardwood flooring themselves or who are willing to hire a professional to do the work for them.

Another common method of installing hardwood floors is by stapling the wood to the subfloor. This is not the most popular option, as it requires a great deal of expertise and precision, but it is an option to consider if you have a subfloor that is not plywood.

When deciding on a style and pattern for your new hardwood flooring, it is essential to discuss your vision with one of our designers. This will allow you to see how the design will fit into the rest of your decor and how it will work with other materials in the room.


Hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to your home and add a lot of value. However, over time, they may start to look a little old and worn. One way to bring your floors back to life is to refinish them.

Whether your hardwood floor is in need of a complete restoration or simply needs a new coat of paint, refinishing can bring your floors back to their original glory. The process involves sanding and applying a new finish to the wood.

Refinishing is an expensive and intensive process that takes weeks to complete, so you should only do it if you have the time to wait. But, when done right, refinishing can breathe new life into your old floors and improve the look of your home.

To refinish your wood flooring, you will need to strip off all of the old finish and sand it down to a smooth surface. This will remove the deep scratches that may have damaged the original finish, allowing you to see the natural grain of the wood again.

The sanding will also remove any small cracks that have formed over the years, making the surface of your floor appear more uniform. Once you have finished sanding, the floor will need to be cleaned thoroughly.

Once your floor has been sanded down, you will need to decide what type of finish is best for it. You will need to consider how much foot traffic your floor gets, your personal taste, and the overall decor of the room.

Another thing you will need to think about is the color of your wood. The color of your wood will determine what kind of finish you should choose. If you have light-colored floors, a glossy or semi-gloss finish will work well for them.

If you have darker wood floors, a matte or wax-based finish will work better for them. This is because these finishes are easier to clean and more stainless-looking.

When you have decided on the finish your floors need, the next step is to find a professional who can do it for you. It is important to ensure that the refinisher you hire is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor. You can do this by checking the Better Business Bureau and reading any complaints they may have had.


Hardwood floors are durable, but they do need routine maintenance. Keeping them clean helps prevent stains, scratches, and dents from appearing. Routine cleanings can also help reduce the fading of finishes that occurs when exposed to sunlight. Rugs in high-traffic areas and fabric pads placed under furniture can also help prevent wear and tear on wood flooring.

If you notice a large area of your hardwood floors has become dull or worn-looking, it’s time to call in a professional. A professional can remove old stains and seal the surfaces with a new finish.

Repairing a peeling hardwood floor involves sanding the planks down to bare wood, then sealing them with a more durable aluminum-oxide or acid-cured finish. Refinishing your wood floors is an expensive and labor-intensive process, but it can help extend the life of your flooring.

Water stains are a common problem for homeowners who have natural or engineered hardwood flooring. Try a cleaner and mineral spirits to loosen the stain, then lightly sand the surface of the flooring with No. 1 steel wool.

Pet stains can be difficult to remove from hardwood floors, especially if the stain has been around for a while. If the stain is stubborn, you may need to remove and replace the entire flooring.

Squeaky wood floors are another common issue, and they’re often caused by loose or warped joists. There are several ways to fix squeaks, including gluing or shimming the flooring strips or replacing screws or fasteners.

If your hardwood flooring is more than 20 years old, it’s probably time for a full replacement. Replacing hardwood flooring in one or more rooms is an expensive project, but it can improve the look of your home and boost its resale value.

The cost to refinish your hardwood floors will vary based on the type of hardwood, the amount of work, and contractor labor rates. Licensed contractors typically charge $3 to $8 per square foot for refinishing hardwood floors.

A major renovation of your hardwood floors could include repairing the subfloor underlayment and joists or a whole-room mold remediation. These projects can range from $500 to $3,000, depending on the scope of the project.


As with any kind of flooring, a wood floor will require maintenance to keep it looking its best. Having a routine for cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors will help ensure they stay in great condition for years to come.

Regular cleaning will remove dirt, grime, and other debris from your wood floor. Sweeping and dust-mopping regularly will also prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.

If you have kids, a daily sweep of their toys and play equipment will help keep them from scratching your hardwood floors. A professional wood floor cleaning service will be able to thoroughly clean your hardwood floors and make them shine.

Hardwood floors will also need to be sanded and refinished every few decades. This process can restore deeply scratched, pitted, and stained floors to their original condition.

Another way to help protect your hardwood floors is to use rugs in high-traffic areas. These rugs will catch dirt and grit that can be tracked in by people and pets, and they will also stop your furniture from leaving deep scratches on the floors.

You can also ask your guests to remove their shoes before stepping onto the floors. Having doormats by each entrance will prevent dirt from being tracked in and keep the floors looking nice.

Keeping your pets’ nails trimmed will also prevent scratches on the wood. This can be a pain if you have large pets that are constantly moving around the house, but it’s worth it to maintain your beautiful wood floors for years to come.

It’s important to prevent damage from happening in the first place, so it’s a good idea to put a sign out by your front door that states that your home is a shoe-free zone. It’s also a good idea to use felt pads on the bottoms of tables, chairs, and bed legs.

There are many different ways to care for your hardwood floors, and each one will help you protect them for the long term. A professional wood floor cleaning service will be knowledgeable about the best maintenance techniques for your particular type of flooring.