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How to Update Your Kitchen with Cabinet Redooring

You want to update your kitchen but don’t want the hassles or expense of a renovation. What if you could upgrade to a fresh, new look inexpensively and quickly–in one to two days?  You can. Just replace your cabinet doors. You’ll be amazed at the difference Kitchen Tune-Up’s redooring service can make!

Before & After Cabinet Redooring

What Is Redooring?

The name says it all: we change the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, installing new ones to match your current cabinet frames (or “boxes”). Thanks to our huge selection of doors and drawers, you’re sure to find colors to match your current cabinet boxes and fresh styles to upgrade your kitchen so it looks like new! If you need new hinges, we’ll install them too. New door handles and drawer pulls are the final touch on the transformation. Redooring is quick and easy.

Don’t confuse redooring with another popular kitchen cabinet upgrade, refacing. In refacing, we attach new veneers to the cabinet boxes, changing their look. Then we add matching doors and drawer fronts. With redooring, the boxes stay as they are. Your terrific new doors and drawers do the work of taking your kitchen cabinets from blah to beautiful.

Cabinet Redooring Before & After

Is Redooring Right for My Kitchen?

With lots of options for upgrading kitchen cabinets, how do you know if redooring is the best one for your kitchen? You could choose refacing, or a full remodel with new cabinets, or painting your existing cabinets. Why pick redooring instead?

  • You like the current color or finish of your cabinets.
  • You’re tired of the style of your existing doors and drawer fronts.
  • The cabinet boxes are sturdy and in good shape.
  • You’re happy with the layout of your kitchen and don’t need to change cabinets’ locations.
  • The budget is limited. Redooring saves you up to 75 percent of the cost of replacing current cabinets with new ones.
  • Your time is limited. Redooring takes only one to two days once the Kitchen Tune-Up team is in your home. You can change the whole appearance of your kitchen in time for a holiday gathering or dinner party.
  • You don’t want the mess and hassle of installing new cabinets. With redooring, you can use your kitchen normally through the entire process. That’s not always an option with a full remodeling job!
  • You like eco-friendly options. By keeping your cabinet boxes on your walls, you’re keeping them out of landfills. Redooring reduces waste.

Find Your Perfect Doors

Choosing just the right doors for your existing boxes is easy! Kitchen Tune-Up has over 30 years of experience working with cabinet companies. Those connections give us almost unlimited choices of door styles, sizes, woods, and colors. Oak, maple, cherry? We’ve got them, and more. Classics like white, or today’s trendy colors like sage or gray? They’re here too. Popular, versatile Shaker style doors, or raised panel doors with a timeless traditional look, or modern slab-style doors–you’re bound to find a style that works with your cabinet frames.

Our Door Catalog, a unique resource just for Kitchen Tune-Up customers, gives you a taste of what we can do. We’ll work with you to match your cabinet boxes even if you don’t see your exact match in our catalog. And you don’t have to guess at the outcome. You can use our online Design Tool to visualize just how your cabinets will look when we’re done.

Cabinet Redooring Before & After

Can I Redoor my Cabinets by Myself?

You can pick doors from a DIY store or online and install them yourself–some homeowners do! But working with Kitchen Tune-Up has benefits. You get a larger selection of door styles and colors than most home improvement retailers can offer. Our experts install the doors and drawer fronts quickly and efficiently, and clean up before they leave.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, and want to change the color of your cabinets, we can provide color-matched paint so you can paint the frames yourself. Then we’ll add your chosen doors and drawer fronts on your painted boxes. This option works well if you like a white- or bisque-colored kitchen. Of course we’ll also add new door handles and drawer pulls to create a polished look.

Remember, if you want a bigger change, check out our refacing service. Refacing adds new veneers to the cabinet boxes to match new doors. Refacing takes a little longer than redooring–three to four days in most cases–but as always, Kitchen Tune-Up cleans up each day and leaves your kitchen usable.

If swapping your current cabinet doors for new ones sounds like the cost-effective change you want, contact your nearest Kitchen Tune-Up today.

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