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Honoring Our 2021 Innovators

From virtual communication to safety protocols to material and labor shortages, members of the kitchen and bath design industry have had challenges in 2021 unlike any other year prior. Customers and projects abound as the country heads into a post-pandemic era, yet constraints and restrictions require a reliance on acquired knowledge and a constantly changing stream of information.

These challenges can knock even the top industry pros off balance. The key to regaining equilibrium and continuing on a successful path is to be flexible and adjust to circumstances as they arise. While many have weathered the storm of the past few years, others have risen above and not only carried their companies and employees through the mire, but have reached out and helped others in their journey, as well. Industry leaders continue to head committees and associations, educate and mentor professionals with less experience and expertise, and deliver high-quality and innovative design to their clients.

Kitchen & Bath Design News honors these industry leaders in its pages every year by naming The Innovators, a group of industry professionals who are setting the standard for excellence in the design industry. Nominated by their peers and then reviewed by the KBDN nominating committee, the 24 Innovators for 2021 are an exemplary group of individuals who are moving the kitchen and bath industry forward. At the links below, Kitchen & Bath Design News presents its fifth annual class of Innovators.

  • Todd Atkins
  • Dan Bawden
  • Cyndy Cantley
  • Madeleine Dymling
  • Salvatore Ferro
  • Tracy Grosspietsch
  • Karen Hockley
  • Jennifer Hutton
  • Jill Jarrett
  • James Justice
  • Kimberley Kerl
  • Kamer Kosedag
  • Rosario Mannino
  • Maria Martin
  • Mary Miksch
  • Lori Miya
  • Kevin Mullen
  • Leah Muller
  • Judith Neary
  • Jeremy Parcels
  • John Petrie
  • Angela Poirrier
  • Ginger Rabe
  • Nicholas Vanderhovel

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