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Complimentary Color Schemes to Last You a Lifetime

Color schemes have a tendency to come and go as popular trends begin to fade out of style. If you’re anything like me, when it comes to your kitchen, you’re looking for a color palette which will not only take your breath away but which will also last you a lifetime. The first thing someone sees when they enter your home is the colors which you’ve incorporated into the room. If you’re looking to remodel or redesign your kitchen, here are some complimentary color schemes which will ensure your kitchen is always up-to-date and stylish. 

Black and White 

A black and white color scheme is the ultimate classic look. This pairing has been around since the dawn of time and is still a beloved favorite amongst homeowners. Black and white stands strong on its own, but it also paves the way for some flexibility within your kitchen. This dynamic color scheme duo easily allows for statement pieces to be added or for a bright pop of color to be incorporated. 

Blues and Brown 

Another amazing choice for your kitchen color scheme is blues and browns. This versatile look can be used to create a natural aesthetic which loosely encompasses earth and sky. Oftentimes, homeowners like to use a toned-down, dusty blue in their kitchen. This exudes and enhances a soothing and relaxing feeling within the room. 

White on White 

Yes, you read that correctly. White on white is a color scheme if you can believe it or not. Introducing an all-white kitchen into your home, opens the door to endless possibilities. White on White gives a sense of openness and pristineness. It brightens up your kitchen while simultaneously working to enhance the natural light in your room. As well as providing a refreshing feeling in your home, white on white allows you to play around with all sorts or accents colors. If you’re in the mood for a kitchen switch-up, simple accent pieces provide an easy transition for change. 

Gray and White 

If you’re in a smaller kitchen and want to provide more depth in your room, a gray and white color scheme is the way to go. In comparison to the white on white color scheme mentioned above, adding gray into the mixture creates greater dimension in the room. It’s also less likely to fall victim to the daily wear and tear a kitchen encounters throughout the years. Gray plays well off of other materials such as stone countertops, concrete tiles, exposed wood, etc. 

Kitchen Solvers 

We want your kitchen to feel like home. Here at Kitchen Solvers, it’s our goal to ensure you have the Most Pleasant Remodeling Experience. From choosing your kitchen’s color palette to deciphering which countertop material is the perfect fit, we are here to answer all your question on this process. Feel free to call us today for your kitchen consultation or read some of our latest blog articles like Confused about Cabinetry? A guide to a Cabinet Reface or Replace! or Classic Kitchen Color Palettes. 

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