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Cabinet Refinishers – Can They Do the Job?

cabinet refinishersCabinet refinishing is much more than simply repainting and cleaning the old wood. You must also determine the style, quality of paint, varnish, and other cabinet accessories like slides and hinges. Professional cabinet refinishers possess the appropriate skill set to deal with your refinishing project as you work on different aspects of your lifestyle. If you are unsure whether you can perform cabinet refinishing yourself, call on the experts for assistance. You must take steps to achieve a clean, smooth, refinished look that will last for years.

In most cases, cabinet refinishing will only require removing the existing finish or surface material and replacing it with a new one. Many cabinet refacing professionals include instructions on how to strip the old finish and apply a clear coat solution that can be sanded easily. Other refinishing options may be available, including flat, textured, or electrostatic.

Your cabinet refiners will discuss with you all the options that are available to you for your kitchen cabinets refinishing project. They will let you know if you have enough time to complete the project, depending on the size of the job and the complexity. Most cabinet refiners will give you a free estimate of time for your project and will be able to tell you if you are able to accomplish the project yourself. If the estimate is too long, ask them for a possible quote that includes labor and materials needed. There are cabinet refinishers who will even offer free consultations to discuss your painting project with you.

A good cabinet refinisher will have a proven track record…read his customer reviews. The best way to judge the capabilities of a kitchen cabinet refinisher is by looking at the positive and negative feedback of past clients. If someone has posted a complaint on a forum about the work done, it’s a good sign. However, don’t simply take their word for it…read their entire post so that you can get a clear picture.

Ask for references from your cabinet refiners. Make sure to ask for at least three. The more names you have in your list, the easier it will be to determine which professional contractor will best fit your needs. Ask them to provide you with some of the names of companies they’ve worked with in the past as well as a list of satisfied customers.

Select at least three cabinet refinishing experts to discuss your kitchen cabinet refinishing project. A good cabinet refinishing expert will be willing to come to your home and evaluate your current situation. This will give you an opportunity to see what kind of finish your cupboards are sporting and if the stains have faded or how much new they are. You’ll want to make sure the new surface will blend in naturally with your kitchen. Many experts will also do a walk-through of your cabinets to ensure that they are ready for installation.

Ask your local cabinet refinishers for their opinion on using paint to coat your cabinets. There are both pro’s and con’s to painting cabinet refinishing. Some say that it’s the best way to go…others say it causes peeling and scratching. Of course, there is always the option of going with wood stain if you find that using paint is too costly.

Cabinet refacing is a more time-consuming and more expensive option when it comes to refinishing your cupboards. However, if you’re tired of spending money to remodel your cabinets…you may as well give it a shot. Many people are turning to cabinet refacing because it allows them to save money. But it can also be the most rewarding project you’ve ever undertaken. Once you get the project finished, you’ll feel accomplished…and proud! No matter which method you choose to refinish your cabinets, whether it’s locally performed by a professional or done yourself in your own kitchen, you’ll appreciate the result when it’s done.