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Oasis at Home

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many unexpected results, the refocus on the home is among the most prominent. Spending so much time at home has sparked a resurgence in remodeling and “changing things up” that rivals the busiest of times.

The bath is a room that has garnered a great deal of attention from weary homeowners, who are craving an at-home oasis that rivals the finest spas. Similar colors, materials and finishes are being favored by people who are looking to remodel the bath, so that a favorite respite can be recreated at home.

Personalization, too, is key to the changes being seen in the bath. Having spent so much time at home, residents are craving spaces that reflect their own personal style. Thankfully, bath faucet manufacturers are answering the call for personalization in the bath.

Among the hottest trends in bath faucets right now are:

–While geometric shapes are still popular, they often sport softer, more sleek and smooth lines, with curves all the rage.

–With a nod toward wellness, hands-free and motion sensor faucets have made it into the bathroom, keeping germs at bay.

–Warm tones, especially muted golds, are in high demand.

–Options abound with regard to faucet handles and spout styles, allowing homeowners to customize their choices.

–Coordinating and matching finishes and styles has returned, and not just in the bath but throughout the home.

–Matte finishes, especially matte black, are in high demand right now, with black sometimes outselling the ever-popular chrome staple.

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Lowe’s, AARP Collaborate on Aging-in-Place Initiative

MOORESVILLE, NC — Lowe’s, the major nationwide chain of home-improvement stores, has announced a multi-year commitment to become “the leading retail destination for aging-in-place and life-change solutions.”

The launch of Lowe’s Livable Home “will offer expertise, services and affordable products, with a range of styles and budgets to meet any ability by creating a one-stop destination for universal design options,” Lowe’s officials said, adding that the Mooresville, NC-based company has developed a unique online and in-store collaboration in customer education with AARP.

“Nearly every family in America at some point faces the important and often intimidating responsibility of preparing a home for life’s changes,” said Marvin Ellison, Lowe’s chairman and CEO. “Lowe’s Livable Home is uniquely positioned to help address customers’ desire for a one-stop destination with trusted resources and affordable solutions they need throughout every step of the journey.”

According to AARP, less than 1% of U.S. homes have particular features needed to support aging in the home, while 77% of people aged 50 years and older would like to stay in their current home as long as possible. In addition, eight in 10 adults aged 50 years or older want to stay where they live, but many lack the expertise or resources to adapt their home.

By visiting Lowes.com/LivableHome visitors can access a virtual library of articles and videos that will be updated regularly. AARP will help create educational online content on the site, focusing on taking age-friendly design action, Lowe’s officials said, adding that AARP will also assist in the training of Lowe’s associates.

In-store enhancements are currently underway in nearly Lowe’s 500 stores, the company said.

The post Lowe’s, AARP Collaborate on Aging-in-Place Initiative appeared first on Kitchen & Bath Design News.

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