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2020 Announces Winners of Global Inspiration Contest

Westwood, USA – 2020 recently announced the winners of this year’s 2020 Global Inspiration Contest for kitchen, bathroom and office designers. Interior designers across North America, the United Kingdom and France submitted their designs using 2020 applications that allow users to create visualizations using real materials and finishes from a wide selection of manufacturer catalogs.

This year’s contest was sponsored by Allied USA, Fotile America and Armony Cucine. There were nine categories that designers were encouraged to submit to, and over 445 submissions were received this year. The winners of each category were selected by an expert panel of judges, with the top three designs eligible for the Voters’ Choice prize.

The winners of the 2020 Global Inspiration Contest for 2021 are:

  • Contemporary kitchen: Laura-Lou Fortin from Christian Marcoux Cuisine et Mobilier Design, Canada – 2020 Design Live
  • Traditional kitchen: Marie-Pier Durand from Cuisine MT, Canada – 2020 Design Live
  • Contemporary bathroom: Aurore Guy from QUADRILLAGE, France – 2020 Fusion
  • Traditional bathroom: Chelsea Butler from Cabinets.com, USA – 2020 Design Live
  • Any space: Alex Legare Grondin from Dkor.A, Canada – 2020 Design Live
  • 360° panorama: David Fitton from Mill Town Kitchens & Interiors, U.K. – 2020 Fusion Live
  • Reconfigured office space: Isabel Dunklin from McDowell-Craig, U.S.A. – 2020 Visual Impression
  • Flexible office space: Kristen M. Seiner from Tech Valley Office Interiors, U.S.A. – 2020 Visual Impression
  • Educational space – Marianne Box from Hertz Furniture, U.S.A – 2020 Visual Impression
  • Voters’ Choice – Brittany Hutt from Cabinets.com, U.S.A – 2020 Design Live

2020 Marketing Director Karen Curtis is thrilled with all the submissions received this year. “Our designers are extremely talented, and our contests really showcase how their creativity and expertise combined with our software make beautiful things happen,” says Curtis. “We strive to continually improve our products so that designers can rest assured they are using the best solution on the market.”

To learn more about the 2020 Global Inspiration Contest winners, please visit the contest gallery at https://www.2020spaces.com/2020-global-inspiration-contest/gallery/.


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